Turn a crowd into a COMMUNITY.

What are city Groups?

City Groups are the "Small Groups" of our church. This is where we hang, eat, pray for each other, support each other, and just talk about life. Life flows in seasons and so do our City Groups! City Groups vary in location, time, age, and topic. New City groups are added every season. Small groups turn a crowd into a community!


Season 1: Feb-April // Off May

Season 2: June-July // Off August

Season 3: Sept-Nov // Off December + January

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City Changers is an accountability group hosted by Colton and Chancee Glover that is family friendly where we meet once a month for fellowship and devotion. Location and dates coming soon!

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Protectors is a male-based Bible Study hosted by Ross Piercey that follows a Tony Evans curriculum. We meet every other Wednesday at HCU at 6:30PM.

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Sisterhood United is hosted by Pastor Keisha Cory and is open to all the ladies of HCU and those participating in Sisterhood United events/programs within our community. If you are a sister, you belong here! We meet once a month starting in late October.

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Sober City is a regrowth and recovery group hosted by Ben and Tiffany Becham that meets year-round on Wednesdays at HCU at 6:30PM. Guest speakers come every week to share their testimonies. You don't want to miss this!

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Come join us at HCU Fit Bootcamp hosted by Colton and Chancee Glover on Tuesdays at 6:30PM in the HCU parking lot to get spiritually and physically fit with a devotion and a workout! This group is for all fitness levels!

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Stronger is hosted by Pastors Trent and Keisha Cory and is open for all couples to join who are looking to strengthen their relationship based on biblical values. You do not want to miss this opportunity to plug in and grow!

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